Kickstarter update and shows!!!! 
I have been overwhelmed by the support that everyone has given to the Kickstarter campaign and the new record, Patience Worth! I cannot thank you enough for your belief in me and my music. We are all in this together and I’m looking forward to sharing this with you! 
We are at $7677 with 8 days to go in the campaign! That means we are $1323 away from the goal!!! It’s about $150 a day. If you know anyone else who might be interested in pledging and getting some incredible gifts, please pass this link along!
Here is a video that talks about the current state of the Kickstarter campaign, the meaning of the record title Patience Worth, and a snippet of the one of the tunes on the new record called “Is The Truth”.
Recording has been going well and I have been working on adding the colors needed to round out the recordings. I’m looking to have it done by mid/end of March. The tunes are pretty diverse but seem connected.
Here is the working track listing for now:
Our Town
Say That You Want Me To
Better Days
If It Rains All Spring
Some of The Things
Is The Truth
Days Go By
Something I don’t know
Easy To Be
Keep It Safe
I Can Make You
Sunsets Are Golder
Jim Stewart is an amazing engineer, and is doing a wonderful job on these recordings. We sent two tunes, “Better Days” and “Girl I Love” over to be mastered for vinyl and we should have a 7” record by the CD release on May 9th with those two tunes on it. Everything sounds wonderful and I can’t wait for you to hear it!!!
Also, I’ll be working with DJScrilla (, Cleveland’s own, producing a track called “4U2B Mine”. He is amazingly talented and I’m really looking forward to the process and hearing the finished tune!
Again, I appreciate the help with all of this. It means so much to me!

One week into the Kickstarter, and we are on our way! 24 days left!!!
Ok, so it’s been a week with the Kickstarter campaign!

There have been many people who have already pledged support towards the new record. They are people I know personally. Thank you so much for the belief and vote of confidence.
Having to ask for help to finish out a record is not a completely prideful thing to do. I’m kind of a private person, and for me to come out and all of a sudden barrage you with emails, and requests for money probably seems a bit insincere. Those of you that know me understand my hard work ethic, this isn’t something I have ever been lazy about.
I’ll be honest, I don’t have the means to record, mix, master and release a new record completely on my own. It’s 10K to put out an independent CD these days. That’s the new norm. That’s why there are so many fan supported releases of artist collections.
I have some things to get done. Trying to release a 45 for record store day on April 19th. Horn and string charts for some tunes. Gotta have a bunch of friends come in and play on some songs. Have started to work on the artwork.
With Kickstarter, in exchange for your pledge, you get personalized gifts in return. With the biggest return being a record that we can share and be proud. Then I’ll go out and play them over and over whenever you want to hear them. I promise I will be a bar near you where we can share and be proud together. I’ll do the hard work, I just need your support.
What can I do for you? Give me a gift idea or email me and tell me what I can do to convince you to invest!
If you have a mailing list or a means to get my message out, please feel free to do that! I would be forever grateful.
If I don’t reach my goal, then all of your credit cards aren’t charged and nobody will get any gifts in return for your pledge. I don’t have a plan B for right now. Going for broke with this one.
This is a new age, where we invest in things that we can touch and feel. Things homegrown in our backyard. Things like homegrown restaurants, homegrown stores, homegrown farmers markets, and homegrown music. Whatever you would like to give, I will be sincerely thankful and promise to keep working hard.
More exciting things coming up soon! We have 3 weeks to make it happen!

Help Brent Kirby & His Luck finish out their new recordings!!!!

First of all, thanks for taking the time to read this. It’s probably longer than it should be. I’m excited!
I have started a Kickstarter campaign to help finish my new record! Please read on and then visit

In January 2015, I gathered up my good friends and musicians and set up camp at a great space called River Junction studios in Willoughby Ohio. It overlooks the Chagrin River, with bluffs and forests lining the river, and bald eagles floating through the air. It was snowy and cold outside, but inside we had vintage warm tube amps, freshly tuned and strung guitars and basses, a Hammond C3, a whole bunch of great rack gear, and most importantly, new songs that meant something. We set up all in the same room, recording live as much as we could, and at the end of four days, we had 15 tunes to be proud of. The best part to me was that in the end, everyone had put everything they could into the tunes, and we connected because of that. Lots of hugs, back slaps, and a better understanding of who we are.
The fifteen new tunes traversed and uncovered many different paths; rootsy, Americana, anthemic, loud and crashing, triumphant, passionate, delicate. Sometimes I wasn’t quite sure where they were going until they got there. It was an inspiring four days, and with each tune came a different approach, different sound. One of the tunes I wrote after the first full day of recording, at night after everyone had bagged out, and recorded it the very next morning. As a songwriter, this is the environment you long to be in.
His Luck, the new band, features Chris Hanna on everything keys, Ben Nieves on electric guitar and sounds, Kevin Johnson on bass and vocals, and Travis Payton on drums. My old friend JJ Juliano played drums for a bunch of the tunes. Ray and Russ Flanagan came by after their gig one night and we recorded into the wee hours.
Jim Stewart, a man with a golden ear, engineered the whole thing with some assistance from his friends. Stewart is the man behind many great Northeastern Ohio acts, such as Welshly Arms, Nights, Ohio Sky, Ray Flanagan & The Authorities, among many others. Simply put, he makes things sound outstanding.
I am really looking forward to everyone hearing these songs, and this is where you, the fan, friend, and supporter come in.
Recording a record these days, even as an independent artist can be quite costly. This isn’t even counting the time to write the songs, demo them out, and rehearsing the musicians. All that stuff takes some serious time, focus and energy. But the true cost comes in as soon as the equipment is being loaded into the studio.
There is a cost for studio time, musicians, engineer, drum tuning, equipment rentals, mixing, filming, mastering, artwork, photography, CD duplication, promotion, merchandise, publicity, travel and food expense.
I cut corners where I thought I could, and have paid a significant amount out of my own pocket already. Everyone involved was as frugal as they could without sacrificing the purpose for doing it.
I need some financial help to finish this thing out. That’s where you come in.
In exchange for your pledge and vote of confidence in this record, and me you will get some pretty cool gifts in return. Some are pretty unique.
If we don’t reach our goal, your credit card isn’t charged and I will have to figure out how to move forward.
The favorite part about this process is getting to know you and sharing this experience with you. I’m a lucky man.
This record is a work in progress and I'm halfway there. By investing in it with me, I will keep you updated as each milestone is met. I've been told by many that I'm one of the hardest working musicians in Cleveland. While I think there are many of my musician friends that work awfully hard at their craft, know that whatever challenges I might face in the completion of this project, I will tackle them passionately.
I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read this. I appreciate you!
“Cleveland's Best Local Singer 2013"
"Best Male Vocal 2013"

"Cleveland's Best Musician 2012"

As Voted by the readers and Staff of the Cleveland Scene


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