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23. July - Brent and Jenna's Potluck 

There is no better place to see acoustic music in Cleveland than at the Barking Spider. Every month on the 4th Sunday, Jenna and I have a potluck from 2:30-4:30 while I play music with my friends. It’s the perfect musical matinee show. This month it falls on July 27th. Bring a dish and some friends or family. The patio doors will be open!

18. July  

I’ll be doing some out of town shows with Hey Mavis and also some recording in the next couple weeks. Such a great band, please catch the next performance at The Burning River Fest in Cleveland on Friday, July 25 at 7:50pm. Speaking of the Burning River Fest, I will be performing solo on Saturday, July 26, at 6:40pm. I’m excited to be down there for 2 days in a row, so many great musical acts involved.… Read more

9. July - Upcoming Shows 

This Thursday, July 10th, I am playing at the Happy Dog with the New Soft Shoe for our monthly presentation of Gram Parsons songs. Jon Niefeld, our drummer is out of town so I will be playing drums all night! Playing drums on great country tunes is really a ton of fun for me, so I’m excited to be doing this. Show starts at 7pm with my good friend Clint Holley kicking off the night.… Read more

30. June - Gram Parsons Pull 2014! 

The New Soft Shoe has been asked to play the Gram Parsons Pull in Waycross GA this year again on September 27th. We will be playing on Saturday night at 11 pm and we are very excited to make the drive down, see some old friends and make some new ones. This is one of the premier Gram Parsons festivals in the country and the music is outstanding. We will be asking our fans and supporters for monetary… Read more

22. June- Upcoming Shows! 

I’ll be playing on Sunday June 22nd  with Chris Hanna and Kevin Johnson at The Barking Spider for my monthly potluck. If you have not been to one of these yet, it’s a matinee Sunday show which still leaves you with a morning and an evening with great music in between at an amazing venue. We play from 2:30 to 4:30pm. On Tuesday June 24th Hey Mavis will be playing the main stage at Cain Park for the two dollar… Read more

17. June 10x3 3-year Anniversary! 

On Wednesday June 18th we will be celebrating the three year anniversary of the 10x3 Songwriter/Band Showcase. It’s amazing to me that it’s been three years since we’ve started this and this event has far exceeded any expectation I had of it. The performances have been consistently strong and we are over a month out in requests for time slots. We have some great people scheduled for the anniversary… Read more

2. June 

In an effort to promote the local music culture I have been booking music at downtown Cleveland venues; making a push for lunchtime music shows.  I have been booking the Downtown Farmers’ Market for a while now, bringing some of Northeast Ohio’s top performers and musicians and now have added AJ Roccos with a series called “Lunchtime listens”. My belief is that music is not just for nighttime. The people who come downtown to… Read more

26. May 

Recently, Hey Mavis spent a few days rehearsing and spontaneously ended up in the studio recording six new tracks for the new record. These songs are songs that Laurie Michelle Caner and I wrote and I really feel we captured a direction and emotion that we are both feeling in the songs; taking them to the band, rehearsing them and documenting them in the studio and then listening gave me immediate gratification. Sometimes… Read more


“Blow up your TV, Throw away your paper, go to the country, build you a home” –“Spanish Pipedream” John Prine I had my first experience seeing John Prine this last Saturday at the Ohio Theatre and this was the first song that he sang.  I immediately connected with it because my life is in complete transition right now; musically and personally. I am moving from one home to another and making changes in the direction of where I… Read more

May News 

It’s been a crazy year so far with a lot of big change in the air for me. Lots of musical things happening so let’s get started. Continued work on the new rocking tunes for the Jack Fords record “Turn It Up Louder” is happening, as well as for the duo record with Al Moss; both slated to be released this year.  I am quite proud of what Al and I have accomplished so far for our duo record. Some of the songs simply do not fit… Read more

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