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In Brent Kirby, a lot of hope, faith, truth and music is traversed.
A true believer.
-Holly Gleason, No Depression

Brent Kirby writes with veterans for Project D.R.E.W.


Brent Kirby’s 10 x 3 Songwriter Showcase expands to Jilly’s Music Room in Akron

Brent Kirby, the curator of the popular 10 x 3 Songwriter/Band Showcase in Cleveland will be expanding the 10 x 3 Songwriter/Band Showcase on the first and third Wednesdays from 8-11pm at the Jilly’s Music Room in Akron. Jilly’s Music Room is located at 111 North Main St. Akron, OH 44308. The first show will take place on Jan. 3 2018 with Brent Kirby as the host. 

The 10 x 3 Songwriter/Band Showcase was started by Cleveland based musician Brent Kirby in June of 2011, modeled after the showcases Kirby had played in Nashville when he lived there. Brothers Lounge in Cleveland has been the home of the showcase, with shows presented every week for the last six and half years. Over that time, there have been over 1500 individual northeast Ohio, regional and national touring acts who have performed their original songs. “This is about original music.” Kirby states “There has been a huge investment in sports, food, and breweries, but music has not found the same level of support. It’s time for that to happen in Northeast Ohio. “

The 10 x 3 a pre-arranged open mic, with the performer requesting a time slot, and the schedule posted before the event happens. Ten performers play three songs each, two required to be original, and the third can be an original or cover. Originals are the focus, with collaboration encouraged. “It’s a performance opportunity, a place to try new songs, invite others onstage, and create some musical moments that are the whole reason us musicians write and play.”

Networking and connecting with other musicians, creative types and fans is another goal of the 10 x 3. “Over the years, I have seen relationships made at the 10 x 3 between musicians and supporters that have spilled over into other aspects of what people do.” Kirby says, “It’s about connecting people, which is why I think the Akron/Cleveland kinship is so important.”

Kirby will be hosting the Akron 10 x 3 on the first and third Wednesday’s while Cleveland based songwriters Jason Meyers and Ray Flanagan will trade off hosting the Cleveland 10 x 3.

To sign up to perform at the 10 x 3, email Brent at THE10X3@GMAIL.COM or visit and fill out the time slot submission form on the 10 x 3 page.


Brent Kirby plays a set for the Great Lakes Burning River Fest

Brent Kirby will play a solo set at the 16th Annual Great Lake Burning River Fest from 8:05-8:45pm. The festival features all original homegrown music from Northeast Ohio, The Burning River Foundation is dedicated to improving, maintaining and celebrating the vitality of our regional freshwater resources. The event takes place at the historic Coast Guard station overlooking the Cleveland city skyline.

Great Lakes Burning River Fest
Friday, August 18, 2017, 6-11PM
Saturday, August 19, 2017, 6-11PM
Historic Coast Guard Station/Whiskey Island 
Brent Kirby Is Featured In February Issue of No Depression Magazine With Other Northeast Ohio Songwriters

Brent Kirby, along with other Northeast Ohio artists and friends such as Ray Flanagan, Roger Hoover, John Patrick Halling, Gretchen Pleuss, Gage Brothers, and Thor Platter are featured in the February issue of No Depression magazine in an article written by Ohio writer Jay Minkin. The article tells about the simmering homegrown original music roots scene in Northeast Ohio, how the connection, collaboration, and networking between all the artists helps stir the pot and helps the whole. No Depression is a roots music based magazine that has an online presence, but this article is only in the print version, so you will have to go to your local book store and find it on the shelf. 
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"Best Male Vocal 2013"
"Cleveland's Best Musician 2012"

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